Awards & Prizes


We love film. So, we support them with resources that go beyond viewing space and applause. With the philanthropic help of the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation, the El Paso Film Festival and its sponsors will be awarding up to $5,000 in cash prizes to independent filmmakers.

If that’s all it took to make great films, we’d call it a day. But the truth is, filmmaking takes a financial investment. We hope that getting you a little scratch for your effort means having a little something for the next project. We’ve selected the best work and we want to see more of it.

We’re proud to be one of only 28 independent film festivals in the country to award the best films with cash prizes. Films are expensive to create. Until the mechanisms that create them become as cheap as paper and pencil, filmmakers will struggle to bring their unique visions to life. Cash prizes are one way that producers can recoup cost and continue making the films we enjoy. And if you ever produced an independent film you know how a little can go a long way.


Category Awards - $1,500

Sponsored by Teachers Federal Credit Union

  • Best Feature Film (Narrative) - $500

  • Best Short Film (Narrative) - $250

  • Best Feature Film (Documentary) - $500

  • Best Short Film (Documentary) - $250



Grand Jury Prize Sponsor - $1,000

Sponsored by Teachers Federal Credit Union

The Grand Jury Prize is awarded by the EPFF Jury and recognizes the feature film with the most captivating story, values, and community impact. This award highlights the filmmaker and their work as the most commendable of all the films submitted to the festival.



Producer Award - $500

Sponsored by MindWarp Films

The Producer Award is given by Carlos Corral, Artistic Director of the El Paso Film Festival and Producer at MindWarp Films, LLC. The Producer is tasked with making sure the film production has all of the necessary resources, cast, and crew in order to achieve the Director's vision.



Director Award - $500

Sponsored by Rio Bravo Film Fund

The Director Award will honor the filmmaker who has exemplified exceptional talent, storytelling, and perseverance in bringing their film to light. Being a filmmaker requires having a vision that challenges the imagination of the audience and also requires a lot of endurance when telling an engaging story.



El Paso Filmmaker Award - $500

Sponsored by the Texas Film Commission and El Paso Filmmakers

The El Paso Filmmakers Organization will present this award to an El Paso Filmmaker who has illustrated exceptional capability, expertise, and hard work in telling their own personal story.



Femme Frontera Award - $500

Sponsorship Available for Femme Frontera Award

Angie Reza Tures, executive director of the Femme Frontera showcase, will present this award to a woman filmmaker that demonstrates outstanding talent and hard work in telling a unique story that connects on a personal level with the audience.



Audience Award - $500

Sponsorship Available for Audience Award

The El Paso Film Festival recognizes the power of the audience. We ask our audience members to cast their vote for their favorite film. All votes are anonymous, and only the attending audiences are eligible to vote for the best film of their choice.